Job’s & The Economy

With over 20 years working in his family’s building supply company, Jeff understands the challenges facing Tampa Bay businesses. He’s worked hard to cut taxes and get government out of the way, and it’s paid off. Since 2010, Florida’s economy has created over 700,000 jobs and experienced the nation’s 2nd largest drop in unemployment.

Taxes & Spending

Jeff believes that just like us, government must live within its means. He’s voted to cut spending by over $6 Billion to balance Florida’s budget every year, and voted to cut taxes by over $500 Million, putting that money right back into the pockets of hardworking Floridians. A responsible and well-managed government can provide residents the services they deserve without bankrupting our state.


As a father of 3, Jeff is committed to making sure that every child is prepared to compete globally in whatever career they pursue. Jeff understands that education is not one size fits all, and believes in an education system that empowers parents with choice and involvement in their child’s education. Jeff has kept Florida’s students of the cutting edge, successfully sponsoring legislation setting standards for classroom technology and expanding options for online classes.


Jeff has made sure that elected officials are accountable to us, not special interests. He voted for historic ethics reforms that ended the so-called “revolving door” by strengthening laws prohibiting former legislators from becoming lobbyists, and giving the Commission on Ethics more authority to crack down on those who run afoul of our ethics laws.

Serving Those That Serve Us

As a combat Veteran, Jeff knows that we must provide our military personnel with every opportunity both during and after their service. Jeff co-sponsored the Florida G.I. Bill, offering Veterans in-state college tuition and hiring preferences. He is currently sponsoring legislation allowing active and retired military ID cards to be used as proof of identification to obtain a drivers license.

Flood Insurance

When the Federal government’s failure to act on Flood Insurance created a crisis for homeowners, Jeff sponsored legislation creating a private, Florida-based marketplace that offered lower rates. This year Jeff is sponsoring legislation that provides homeowners more coverage options in the state’s emerging private flood insurance market, like lowering premiums by covering only the value of a home’s mortgage rather than its full replacement cost.


As Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, Jeff is modernizing Florida’s transportation infrastructure through innovative technology. Jeff sponsored the bill bringing Google’s life-saving autonomous vehicle technology to Florida and allowing Floridians to carry digital drivers licenses. He has led the effort to allow ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft that create jobs and increase efficiency. Jeff has fought for the repeal of red light cameras, which have not improved safety but served as a back-door tax increase on Florida drivers.

Second Amendment

Jeff defended our Liberty while serving in Iraq and is protecting those same rights in the Legislature. Jeff is a lifetime member of the NRA, and opposes any legislation that infringes on the rights of lawful firearm owners.

Technology & Innovation

Jeff has been a leader in bringing Florida into the 21st century with creative solutions that utilize cutting edge technology. Jeff sponsored legislation bringing Google’s life-saving autonomous vehicle technology to Florida, where it is now being tested. Jeff successfully sponsored bills that expanded students’ access to online classes and set standards for classroom technology, ensuring that Florida’s students remain ahead of the curve.


As technology plays a larger role in our lives, Jeff has championed personal privacy and keeping government in check. Jeff has led the effort to repeal red light cameras, and co-sponsored legislation prohibiting law enforcement from using drones to gather information on Floridians. Jeff has sponsored bills protecting cell phones from search and seizure without a warrant, an issue that was recently supported by the Supreme Court.


The Federal government has failed us too many times for Florida to depend on it to uphold its promises. Jeff opposes plans to expand Medicaid that will leave Florida taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars.


Jeff believes that immigration reform begins with securing the border and enforcing our laws. He opposes plans such as amnesty for illegal immigrants that reward those that break our laws and punish those that have come to our country legally.